Bishop Côté Memorial Seminary

Pastoral Institute

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Bishop S.A. Theriault, Ph.D., Th.D., M.Past.

Goal of the seminary program

Bishop Côté Memorial Seminary continues the tradition of Community Church ministerial training established by Christian Catholic leaders C. Chiniquy (1859) and +J. R. Vilatte (1887). It commemorates the life and work of the late Rt Rev. O'Neill Côté, who has been CCRCC IIIrd Bishop Ordinary.

A three years program prepares for ordination as priests and deacons. It is offered through mentoring, correspondence, independent study, transfer of credits, and life experience.


The Seminary trains clergy observing the Christian Catholic Rite.

L.Th. designation

Bishop Côté Memorial Seminary program leads to the professional ministerial designation of Licentia theologiae (L.Th.).

Program description

The program includes the following subjects and courses:

·         Study of the Old and New Testaments

·         Doctrinal Studies

o        catechism

o        christology & ecclesiology

o        exposé of the Christian Catholic faith

·         Liturgical Training

o        Liturgy of the Word

o        Homiletics

o        Sacraments

·         Church History

o        Community Church Movement

o        Christian Catholic Rite of Churches

·         Church Administration

o        Finance

o        Corporate Management

o        Registries

·         Pastoral Leadership

·         Ministry

·         Counseling