Mgr Côté buste
Right Reverend O'Neill Côté (1939-1986)

3rd Bishop Ordinary and General Superintendent
Christian Catholic Rite in the International Council of Community Churches in Canada

1939 Born in Cloridorme, County of Gaspé-Nord, Québec, Canada. Brought up in Matane. Gone through elementary and secondary schools, Matane, Memrancook, New Brunswick (St. Joseph’s College) and Quebec City (Jesuit College).

1964 Graduated from Jesuit College, Quebec City, majoring in English. [i]Entered Teachers College at Rimouski, Quebec.

1966 Graduated from Teachers College, with Brevet A[ii] and Bachelor of Education.[iii] Specialized in the teaching of English.[iv]Teacher at St. George Sanatorium, Mont-Joli.

1967 Married to Annette Émond, a nurse at Mont-Joli Sanatorium. English teacher at Matane College, Matane, Quebec. Also préfet de discipline.

1969 Entered Civil Service (Canada): Department of Indian & Northern Affairs. 1969-1970: Posted at Whapmagustui-Kuujjuarapik (Hudson Bay) as teacher among the Inuits.

1971 Senior Education Advisor in Montréal till he retired in 1981. One of his achievements was to help establish Native postsecondary Manitou College in La Macaza, Quebec

1971-1973 With his wife Annette, animated Burning Bush Prayer Fellowship. Took charge of re-organized Christian Catholic Church (CCC) in Greater Montreal. [v] Studied theology at Université de Montréal, McGill University and St. Thomas College (B.Th.). Ordained priest on July 14, 1973.

Mgr Côté Messe Longueuil 1973

1974 Overseer of CCC. Mitred 25 July.

1976 CCC Parish of St. Bernard & St. Gregory established in Hull, Québec. Serge A. Thériault priest-in-charge. Ordained 11 December.

1977 Invested as Knight on February 27: Sovereign Order of Christ. Also, on March 19, admitted to the Sovereign Order of the Hospitallers of Saint John of Jerusalem (Knights of Malta).

Mgr Côté mitré 1974
1978 Joined with other jurisdictions in a Canadian national church. Was among the national church officers elected by synod. Consecrated 2 July as Archbishop of the Province of Quebec.

1981 Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Resigned from episcopal ministry. Appointed Bishop Emeritus, 16 November.

Goodrich Neth Coté
1982 Consecrated S.A. Thériault as successor on July 12.

1983 With his blessing, CCC became a member unit of the International Council of Community Churches (ICCC) 18 July.

1986 Died at home 30 July, in Longueuil. Buried in Saint Hubert, Quebec.

Mgr Côté Plaque Mgr Côté Cimetière

May he rest in peace!

[i]Diploma received 1 October 1964.

[ii]Issued by Quebec Ministry of Education 13 June 1966.

[iii]Issued by Laval University 19 December 1966.

[iv]Certificate issued 22 August 1966 by Laval University.

[v]The Church in Greater Montreal was founded in 1895-1896 by Rev. Étienne (Stephen) Côté of the Society of the Precious Blood. It is dedicated to Saint Étienne/St. Stephen in memory of him. Worship was at 6100 Grande Allee, Saint Hubert. Now a Coptic Orthodox Church.